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Trek Amazing Ladakh, Karma with young monk
Please keep in mind that electricity and Internet are very sporadic in Ladakh, sometimes out for days to a week. We will respond to you as soon as possible!

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Trek Amazing Ladakh guide Karma, with Buddhist monk
Trek Amazing Ladakh with Karma
Trek Amazing Ladakh, host and guide...dancing Karma!


  1. We trecked twice with Karma, once in the winter ( Chaddar to Lingshed) , and once in summer ( long approach to Mt. Nun in Pakistan). The first time, we were impressed by his organisational talents, his knowledge about the country, culture and buddhism, and his open-mindedness for our "western" way of thinking. The second time, it was to meet again the very good friend he had become to us.
    We can highly recommend trecking with Karma -- it will be a unique experience and he will take very good care of you!
    Petra and Berti from Germany

    1. Thank you Petra and Berti so very much!!! I look forward to our next trip together. Thank you for all your support. Trekking with you has been a rich expereince for me and our friendhsip is highly valued! Wishing you the best until we meet again! Karma

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