Trek Amazing Ladakh, photo by Kerstin and Stephen, Germany

Trek Amazing Ladakh!

Karma, your guide, has over 15 years of trekking experience and is very knowledgable about the area, the wildlife, the culture  and Buddhist philosophy. He is gentle, kind, and passionate about sharing his homeland of Ladakh.

Karma, Ihr Guide, hat über 15 Jahre Trekking-Erfahrung und kennt sich mit der Landschaft, der Tier- und Pflanzenwelt, der Kultur und dem Buddhismus bestens aus. Mit seiner äußerst angenehmen und liebenswürdigen Art lässt er Sie sehr gerne sein Heimatland Ladakh erleben.

Trek Amazing Ladakh with Everything Needed
Our treks are unique in Ladakh. Unlike others who go from homestay to homestay each night, we trek the old-fashion way. We provide our own cooks, horses to carry gear, tents, matresses, food and water, and provide our own specialized guide. This allows much more freedom to truly explore the more remote and sacred places in Ladakh. 

Unsere Treks sind einzigartig in Ladakh. Wir trekken auf die alte, überlieferte Weise: unser Koch begleitet uns auf der gesamten Tour und die Pferde übernehmen das Tragen der gesamten Ausrüstung: Zelte, Iso-Matten, Essen und Wasser und alle notwendigen Gebrauchsgegenstände. Und wir haben unseren erfahrenen Guide. Das verschafft uns die Freiheit, die abgeschiedenen und heiligen Plätze Ladakhs zu erkunden.

Trek Amazing Ladakh guide at morning prayer/meditation
Your guide, Karma, will help you know and understand how Ladakhis live their traditional lives of subsistence agriculture, how they survive in the rugged land from season to season, their values and cultural practices, the Tibetan Buddhist beliefs and how Buddhisms is so intricatley linked to the culture and lifestyle.

Unser Guide Karma wird Ihnen vermitteln, wie die Ladakhis ihr traditionelles Landleben leben und wie sie der wilden und rauen Umgebung von Jahr zu Jahr begegnen. Er wird Ihnen Ihre Werte, Ihre kulturellen Praktiken und den tibetischen Buddhismus näher bringen und verständlich machen, wie der Buddhismus in die Kultur und das tägliche Leben eingebunden ist.

 Ladakh has numerous trekking options and we can also create some unque combinations to suit your fitness level and specific interests. All treks include transportation to and from start and end point,  food, beddings, tents, entrance fees and permits,horses, everything is completely included during your trek.

Ladakh bietet unzählige Trekkingmöglichkeiten. Karma stellet Ihnen individuelle Varianten zusammen, die auf Ihre Möglichkeiten und Interessen angepasst sind. Alle Trekkings beinhalten den Transport von und zum Start- und Zielort, Verpflegung, Zelte mit Ausstattung, Eintritte, Genehmigungen und sonstige Gebühren, Pferde u.a. – alles Notwendige ist im Angebot enthalten.

Remote village enroute with Trek Amazing Ladakh

Our favorite treks are:

Unsere beliebtesten Trekkingtouren sind:

-  Lamayuru to Karsha/Padum (12-13 days/ Tage)

-  Markha Valley Trek (5-7 days / Tage)

-  Photoksar, Lingshed, Dubling, to Kanji (2 weeks/ 2 Wochen)

- or any other trek of your choice    -   oder ein anderer Trek Ihrer Wahl.

Karma can also provide local tours of monasteries in and around Leh.

Karma bietet auch Touren zu Klöstern in und um Leh herum an.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Falls Sie ein Fragen haben, nehmen Sie bitte Kontakt zu uns auf.

Unimaginable Beatuy, Trek Amazing Ladakh

A short description of our trek in August 2015, by Kerstin and Stephen, Germany - Trek Amazing Ladakh

When we arrived in Leh, Karma was waiting to welcome up at the airport. He was our guide for the next four weeks. He showed us a lot of monasteries, for example Thiksey, Matho, Stok, Phyang and others. We saw many wonderful places in Ladakh,and Karma introduced us to many different people. He explained us how life is in Ladakh, and of course he told us a many important things about Buddhism.

Before we went to Tso Moriri Lake by taxi, we had some days for relaxation and acclimatization in Leh. On our way to Tso Morriri Lake we had to pass the Taglang La. It supposed to be the second highest motorable pass in the world. We spent 3 days in this area. There we met some Nomads and we gained a little insight of their life. The families we met were very friendly and we always were very welcome in their tents. They offered us the products they produce like cheese, curt, and of course: butter tea.

After this visit, we returned to Leh and we spent the next 2 days at Karmas guest-house in Choglamsar. Here we met his very nice family.

Our trekking tour started with a trip to Alchi by taxi, visiting the famous monastery there. Then we drove, also by car, to Photoksar, where we once again visited a family in their house. We were always friendly invited!

Here our real trekking began. Karma took care of what we got to eat and drink. We got enough of boiled water and our cook was great: we had very good meals at least 3 times a day.

So we were strong enough to exceed the different high passes and didn’t get sick.

We were on the way with Karma as our guide, a cook, a helper, and a horseman with his 6 horses that carried our baggage. We mostly slept in tents. There was a kitchen-tent, a tent for us (2 people), one for Karma and sometimes even a toilet-tent.

After 2 days, we reached Lingshed. A very nice village with its famous monastery. There we spent 2 nights in a small room, offered by the monks.  We took part in some pujas in the monastery, Karma introduced us to some people there, and we enjoyed this wonderful place!

We left Lingshed and continued our trek. We were lucky and had nice weather for the next days. We passed little villages, sometimes we had to cross small rivers. We passed the Hanuma La and the Parfi La, and from Pishu we had to walk through dessert. Stones and dust everywhere. It was hot - a new experience for us. But a nice one!
We reached Karsha, where we stayed in a very nice garden with colorful flowers. Even the monastery in Karsha is very interesting and very large. Once more we took part at the puja (prayers) there.

This was the end of our trek. We left Karsha by taxi. We stopped in Rangdum for one night and then reached Kargil. There we changed the taxi and went back to Leh. Even the trip by car was very interesting. We met some interesting people, saw different landscapes and of course, many Tibetan Buddhsit monasteries.

Back in Leh we enjoyed the luxury of our hotel for 2 days. At last at the airport we had to say goodby to Karma, our perfect guide from the first until the last day.

One thing is for sure: we will come back to a great county with great people and a great guide called Karma!

Trek Amazing Ladakh, with Kerstin and Stephen 

Trek Amazing Ladakh

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